New Home Page Design Generates 56% More Visits to Signup Page

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Surge Labs recently ran a conversion optimization split test for BigContacts CRM, challenging their current home page design against a new home page designed by Surge Labs. The end result was a 56% increase in visitors to the sign up page.

The Test

The BigContacts existing home page was confusing with an overload of information, multiple calls-to-action, and lack of logical flow.  Surge Labs redesigned a new home page that is focused on using white space to provide visual clarity, a logical sequence to match viewer reading patterns, and clearer calls-to-action to drive visitor responses.

home page before surge

To test the “old” verses “new” page we ran a  split test – sending roughly 50% of the visitors to the “control” home page (the current home page), and 50% to the new “variation” home page.

home page after surge

The Results – 56% Increase in Visits to the FREE Trial Signup Page

The new home page design generated 56% more visits (at a 97% confidence level) to the free trial sign up page over the current home page design.

As you would expect the client is extremely happy with this initial test and we are continuing the conversion optimization testing process throughout their website.

“This first set of tests on the home page was an eye opener. We’ve seen an increase of close to 60% in new visitors to our sign up page. I’m looking forward to continuing the testing by working on improving our sign up process,” said Bob Walton, Founder of Big Contacts.

Read more detail about this test on the BigContacts Case Study page.

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