How to Add Website Design Services to Your Business

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If you don’t know how to build a website how do you add Website Design Services to your business?

There are options. You could take the time to learn a CMS like Wordpress and buy a good book. Wordpress isn’t that difficult to work with but there is more involved in building a website then following steps in a book. And the time you spend learning is time you’re not prospecting and serving your current clients.

You could take the easy route and go with one of the services that allow you to build websites using and online builder. But even with these easy to use builders there is a learning curve, and its often difficult or impossible to implement some customizations.

Might we suggest a better alternative. Call Surge Labs. Co-Founder Scott Quarterman built his first website in 1996. I built my first site in 1998. Since then we’ve both built many websites for different industries and types of clients. There is a high probability that we’ve built a website for a company or someone in your client’s industry.

Over the last couple of years we’ve worked with a number of marketing people, serving as their outsourced website developer. If you look through our list of clients, a number of the client’s are websites for companies in Canada that were referred to us. Others represent relationships with marketing folks from the West Coast to the North East to the South here in Atlanta.

Website Design Services We Provide

Pre-Website Planning

From the moment you engage Surge Labs we’ll work with your client through you or directly depending upon your preference. We know the right questions to ask and have a process in place to ensure that their website is delivered on time, on budget and on target. Here are few things you can expect your client to receive during the planning phase.

Competitive Analysis – We review your client’s top three competitor’s websites and landing pages to find positive and negative things that we can learn from them. We then apply this knowledge to the development of the new site. This is an optional, but valuable service.

Keyword Research – We manually research relevant keywords for the pages of the website and select primary and secondary keywords to target within these pages. Since ranking in search engines for specific keywords is highly critical, this is a step that cannot be skipped or done haphazardly.

Sitemap – We create a sitemap to show how the content of the home page and one inside page will be displayed. This could be displayed in a graphic or wireframe format depending upon needs.

Website Development

With a solid plan in place we move to development of the site. Development often takes place on a separate build server. If your client needs a new host we typically recommend Siteground, but have worked with many different hosts. We also can recommend a variety of third party services depending upon the needs of your client.

Here are some of the main steps involved in the website build phase.

Website Design – We start by creating and presenting a custom design direction for the home page and one inside page for the site. This includes two rounds of revisions for each design based on client feedback.

Mobile Responsive Website Development – Using the approved design we then start to build the site out to match the design. We build with Wordpress for most sites, though for some ecommerce websites it makes more sense to use Magento. In either case the website coding will be fully mobile responsive (display properly on desktops, tablets and smartphones), multi-browser compatible, and fast loading for SEO purposes.

On-Page SEO – The last step of the build process is to utilize the keyword report to do proper on-page SEO so that search engines index the pages properly. We add Google Analytics, connect Webmaster tools, and add any additional tracking codes.

Ongoing Monthly Services: Reporting, Landing Pages and Maintenance

Once the site is completed and launched, we offer continued services to provide monthly reporting, SEO landing page creation and website maintenance. Some of the ongoing website services include:

Monthly Website Performance Reporting – We provide a report of the website key performance indicators, such as visitors, leads, conversion rates, bounce rates, site speed and other data.

Monthly Keyword Rank Reporting – We provide a report of your top keyword rankings. This data will help us know which keywords to focus on to get additional traffic to the site.

Monthly Performance Analysis & Strategy – We review and analyze the Website Performance Report and Keyword Rank Report each month. We will make recommendations and provide guidance on how to increase traffic and improve keyword rankings.

Monthly SEO Landing Pages – We create landing pages as needed that target specific keywords to help gain additional traffic to the site.

Wordpress & Site Maintenance – We monitor and maintain the website so that Wordpress, the theme and all plugins are up-to-date, to avoid any site outages or security breaches.

Wrap Up

A website is the most important element of an online marketing strategy and its important that your client’s have a site that is attractive and professional looking, is coded to be optimized for search engines, includes an intuitive navigation and layout, presents concise messaging and copy, and has clear calls-to-action. All of the elements that go into creating a conversion driven website.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you add Website Design Services to your business and capture additional revenue, call us at 404.216.3953 or complete our contact form.

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