Kenya Faith Fund

Website Project

The Kenya Faith Fund is raising money to fund five new, locally owned businesses in Kenya.

Project Details

The Problem

The Kenya Faith Fund is a non-profit that was started to create a seed fund to help five locally owned Kenya businesses get started.  Other than the funding idea, there were no marketing assets in place when they engaged us to help build a website to support their fundraising activity. The primary goals included; creating a logo, creating a website design, making the site mobile responsive, and connecting a way to accept donations online.

The Solution

Utilizing the colors of Kenya and building on the concept of “teach a man to fish” we created their logo.  Then utilized imagery consistent with Kenya and the theme to build out their website in WordPress utilizing the Genesis framework and a mobile responsive custom child theme. We kept the site simple focussing primarily on the five businesses chosen and using a pop up to feature business details.  Contributions are handle using PayPal.

Project Scope

Project Portfolio

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