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Connecticut Green is a Environmentally Conscious Lawn & Shrub Care plant heath care company serving the Fairfield County, Connecticut community.

Project Details

The Problem

Connecticut Green’s website was old, outdated and out of style. The website was built using a proprietary website builder that was difficult for the client to make changes. The code behind the site was bloated and not very SEO Friendly. Their initial goal was to simply move the website to a friendlier platform to work with.

The Solution

We chose to rebuild the website with WordPress to provide a friendly CMS that the client would be capable of making updates and changes without the need to bring in a third party. We also convinced them that as long as we were rebuilding the site that it would be the perfect time to make some design changes to make their website more fresh and modern. We tweaked the home page to provide a better eye flow and incorporated more keyword reach headlines. We also tied the call-to-action and the footer together using the concept of the sky, grass and dirt to provide a memorable feature of the site.

Inside the site we improved how the services were shown on the Services page, incorporated a grid style blog post listing, and added some pizzaz to the contact page

The end result is a website that is very similar to the old version but with enough updates to make the site clean, fresh and modern.

Project Scope

Project Portfolio

New Home Page Design

Old Home Page

New Site Pages

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