Actual ID

Website Project

Actual iD builds simple to use applications to manage the “true identity” of people, eliminating the need for punch cards, PINs, or keys.

Project Details

ActualID came to us through our partnership with The Mezzanine Group, a Toronto based B2B marketing firm. They were looking to “clean up” their website design and messaging. Their old home page was very confusing as it had multiple messages and calls-to-action. The website did a very poor job of communicating who the company is and what products and services they offer. Their old website also had a lot of issues where many pages were not being indexed because of poor on-page SEO.

The Solution

We created a new site that substantially cleaned up the messaging on the home page to only focus on their high-level product sets and core brand messaging. We also provided in-depth keyword research and analysis, and on-page SEO to target specific keywords that would also lay the foundation for all of their online marketing.

Project Scope

Project Portfolio

New Home Page Design

Old Home Page

New Site Pages

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