Top Potential Surge Taglines

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Our tag line is “A Conversion Rate Optimization Company”.  Not that exciting but with a name like Surge Labs is doesn’t hurt to remind people what it is that we do.

Still with the New Years and a little down time over the holidays, I looked to some iconic tag lines to see if we could spice things up.  Here are the top contenders in no particular order:

A Visitor is a Terrible Thing to Waste
-Formerly The United Negros College Fund’s “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

Just Say Yes
-Formerly “Just Say No” Anti Drug Campaign

Just Optimize It!
– Formerly Nike’s “Just Do It!”

Got Conversions
– Formerly Milk Association of California’s “Got Milk”

Where’s the Conversion
– Formerly Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef”

Great Page, Less Exits
– Formerly Miller Lights “Great Taste, Less Filling”

We Optimize Harder
– Formerly Avis’s “We Try Harder”

Optimization. There is No Substitute
– Formerl Porsche’s “Porsche. There is No Substitute”

When You Say Optimization, You’ve Said it All
– Formerly Anhauser Busch’s “When You Say Budweiser, You Said It All”

Australian for Conversion
– Formerly Fosters “Australian for Beer”

I’m Optimizing It
– Formerly McDonald’s “I’m Loving It”

I’m having a hard time picking a winner but maybe if we could get Tom Cruise to say “Optimization.  There is No Substitute” in a Risky Business sequel we could be on to something.

For now I think we’ll stick with our current tag line.

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