Conversion Optimization Tools

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Conversion Optimization is the Art and Science of improving the speed and frequency at which visitors become customers.  This is the point where we start to mix a little business and science together to test “what if’s”. Here are some conversion optimization tools that will help you improve you conversion rate:

A/B Testing:   With A/B testing you compare two versions of an element to determine which produces the better result. A is normally your existing design or “control”, and B is the new design. Over a defined period of time you split traffic to each version and compare the results.

surge ab tests

Multivariate Testing:   In multivariate testing you select different elements on your website or landing page (such as headlines, images, buttons, etc). Different versions of selected elements are created and combined. Then you split your traffic amongst those combinations to analyze which one gets maximum conversion rate or sales. The winning combination of the website is later chosen to be implemented permanently.

surge multivariate

Usability Testing: Usability Testing shows you how users move through your website to perform a defined action such as a sale. There are several types of tests that can be performed from online usability tests to more formal in-person usability tests.

Heat Maps: Heat maps are charts that show us where most people look when they open a web site or page, by human instinct. They visualize the stream of visitors on your website – showing hot and cold click zones colored yellow, orange and red – the darker the color, the more high-profile the spot is.

Using a combination of these tools and others you can continue to improve your conversions using testing and scientific data.

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