Search Engine Optimization

We're Picky About Who We work With

If we did not build your website then cannot work on your SEO

Well, actually we could, but we just choose not to.  How your website is built plays an important part in how your site and keywords are ranked by Google.

Our Wordpress websites are built utilizing Oxygen which ensures that the backend code of your site is fast and efficient, and that your site loads fast and is able to score in the 90's with Google's Core Vitals metric in terms of page speed.

SEO Framework

Keyword Research

We do keyword research to identify the search phrases your prospects use and incorporate them into your site design, architecture, copy, messaging and calls-to-action.

On Page SEO

We optimize the pages of your website so that search engines can quickly assess the relevance of your site and pages to rank higher relative to specific keywords.

Off-Page SEO

Every website we build is SEO friendly and optimized for indexing by Google. We custom build each website to keep the code as lean as efficient as possible for fast performance.


We track and compile the results of your SEO campaign in a monthly/quarterly report that shows keyword rankings, traffic and the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

We Optimize Your Content

The most effective way to capture the attention of your prospects and search engines is by providing relevant content that helps prospects solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Content allows you to:

Get More Website Visitors

Buyers are searching online for content that helps them resolve an issue or take advantage of an opportunity. Optimized content draws in highly qualified prospects.

Build Thought Leadership

People buy from people that they trust. One of the most effective ways to build trust is to use content to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.

Get More Inbound Links

Getting inbound links to your website is getting extremely difficult. Producing good content works as people have shown they will link to relevant, high quality content.

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