Pricing Page Optimization Increases Click Thrus 76%

A Conversion Optimization Case Study: Test: 5421-403C

The Client

BigContacts is web-based Contact Management (CRM) system that is designed for small businesses that have outgrown basic solutions like Outlook, Goldmine or ACT but don’t want the cost or complexity of CRM solutions like Salesforce.

The Business Objective offers a FREE 30 day trial so visitors can try the product before they buy. The main objective of the website is to get more visitors to sign up for the free trial. Once signed up for the free trial users are much more likely to purchase the product.

The Challenges

There are currently many web-based CRM systems out in the marketplace, with several big players such as and HighRise. is targeting visitors from small to mid-sized businesses that want a CRM system that is affordable and easy-to-use.

The BigContacts existing pricing page was confusing and had a lot of miscellaneous information on the page that diluted the pricing message and got in the way of prospects signing up for the free trial.

Also, BigContacts wasn’t sure what pricing plans were best for their prospects. They wanted to find out if monthly plans or annual plans would perform the best.

The BigContacts home page has a lot of competing content and we needed to create a visual and messaging emphasis on driving click-thrus on the Free Trial button.

The Hypothesis

Clarifying the pricing options and featuring the Free Trial option, plus including supporting FAQ content would increase visits to the Free Trial sign up page.

The Test

We conducted a pricing page optimization creating a new pricing page with three options (one focused on the Free Trial, one on Monthly fees, and the third on Annual fees). We split the traffic going to each of these pages fairly evenly and ran the test for about a 6 weeks.

The Results – 76% Increase in Visits to the FREE Trial Signup Page

The new pricing page design with Annual fees messaging generated 76% more visits (at a 100% confidence level) to the free trial sign up page over the current pricing page design. BigContacts was quite happy with the test results as it will continue to drive more prospects to the free trial signup page and it confirmed which pricing option would help sell the best.