100% Traffic Increase in 7 Months

A content marketing case study: 5421-956A

The Client

Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade, next generation mobile application testing tools.

The Business Objective

Mobile Labs hired us to help them clean up the structure and navigation of the website, and to drive more traffic to it.

The Challenges

When we first started working with Mobile Labs they had no blog, no social media presence, they weren’t targeting keywords and their site had many usability and messaging issues.

The Strategy

We worked with Mobile Labs to develop an online marketing strategy that would increase their traffic. We started with keyword research, optimized the navigation and structure of the website, and then put together a content marketing plan that included blogging and gated white papers to collect leads.

The Results

There were several improvements in the site performance after launching the new design. The top improvements were an increased conversion rate and a decreased abandonment rate.

Increased Keyword Rankings

By targeting keywords with blog posts, landing pages and white papers, we were able to increase search engine keyword rankings for their top 20 keywords.

When we started most of the keywords weren’t getting any visibility (page 5 or further back on Google search results – shown in red below).

After 7 months all of their top 20 keywords were ranking on either page 1 or page 2 of Google search results (green = page 1, yellow = page 2-4).

Increased Traffic

In September their site was getting about 2,600 unique visitors a month. By March the following year they were getting almost 6,000 unique visitors a month. That’s more than a 100% increase in traffic during that time period.

How Do You Achieve The Same?

We use a specific inbound marketing methodology to achieve these types of goals. Here are the high level bullet points on tasks you will need to accomplish to double your traffic.

  1. Keyword Research – For a solid online marketing strategy always start with keyword research and analysis. This will be the road map to all your online marketing tactics.
  2. Website Design – Be sure your website design is setup to communicate a professional appearance for your business. Make sure you have clear calls-to-action buttons or graphics to guide visitors through the site.
  3. Site Navigation & Messaging – Be sure your product and services navigation makes sense and is easy for users to navigate. Use simple terms in the navigation. Re-write the messaging on the home page to spell out exactly what products and services your company offers. Mimic that in the navigation.
  4. Content Marketing – Put together a strong content marketing plan with 4 or more blog posts a month, at least one gated white paper a quarter to collect leads, and use social media, videos, and infographics to drive additional traffic to the site.
  5. Analytics Dashboard – Round out your plan with monthly analyics reports and meetings. Create a dashboard to track all your KPIs such as visitors, leads, downloads, purchases, blog subscriptions and more.

If you have any questions about any of this, or need help with your online marketing plan please let us know.