133% Increase In Click Thrus

A Conversion Optimization Case Study 
Test: 5421-701A

eNotes.com is a membership-based, online resource that helps students with homework and studying.

The Business Objective

The main business objective of this project was generate an increase in click thru’s to the checkout page from the teaser study guide pages.

The Challenges

The main challenge for this project was to effectively and efficiently communicate the benefits of the membership to prospects so they are encouraged to click to the checkout page.

The Hypothesis

We believed that testing multiple benefit oriented variations of the headline, text and button text, would help increase conversions coming from this page.

The Test

We setup a multivariate test, testing multiple variations of the subscribe messaging headline, body text and button text.

We tested the following text variations against each other in multiple combinations to find the highest performer:

Headline Variations

Control Headline: Want to read the whole thing?

Headline Variation 1: Subscribe Now To Read More?

Headline Variation 2: Join Now to Read More

Body Text Variations

Control Copy: Subscribe to eNotes for access to this content as well as thousands of study guides and critical materials.

Body Text Variation 1: Subscribe now to read the rest of this article. Plus, get access to this study guide and thousands of others, and ask questions to our community of teachers and students.

Body Text Variation 2: Subscribe now to read the rest of the article. Plus get access to:

    • 4,000+ literature study guides
    • Critical essays on more than 30,000 works of literature from Salem on Literature (exclusive to eNotes)
    • An unparalleled literary criticism section. 40,000 full-length or excerpted essays
    • Content from leading academic publishers, all easily citable with our “Cite this page” button
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Button Text Variations

Control Button Text: SUBSCRIBE

Button Variation 1: READ MORE

Button Variation 2: JOIN NOW TO READ MORE

The Results – 133.33% Increase in Click Thrus to the Checkout Page

After running the 27 variations against each other a winning combination became apparent (with 95% confidence level). The winning combination is shown below to the right and test results shown in the table below.