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Shopping cart abandonment is an issue for all ecommerce sites.  Here are some items that you can test to optimize shopping carts.

Getting prospects to view your product pages is hard enough. Getting them to add your product to a shopping cart and checkout is a whole other area that offers a huge opportunity for conversion improvement. We offer a process that will help you optimize shopping carts in your ecommerce website.

Forrester Research reported that shopping cart abandonment in 2009 was 51%. SeeWhy, which tracks conversion and abandonment rates reported that during 2009 from Labor Day to November 15 shopping cart abandonment climbed to a striking 83 percent.

Some of the reasons why shopping cart abandonment occurs:

  • Shipping and handling costs: 44%
  • Not ready to purchase the product: 41%
  • Wanted to compare prices on other sites: 27%
  • Item was priced too high: 25%
  • Wanted to save products in cart for later consideration: 24%
  • Complicated checkout process: 10%

The statistics above show a clear path to potential testing opportunities. Here are some tests you could run:

  • Test multiple shipping price points including free shipping
  • Test functionality that would allow the user to email themselves product information.
  • Test multiple price points
  • Test changes to your shopping cart prices
  • Test reducing the information required to make a purchase
  • Test adding and removing Trust icons

We could go on and on with addition items to test. One thing to consider is that when you first start testing you should test those items that have a low cost to implement and that are likely to have an impact. You should create a list of potential items to test then prioritize them.

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