Optimize Pay Per Click Ads

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If you’re currently spending any amount of time or money trying to optimize pay per click ads it is well worth your time to start with these rules. A well optimized PPC campaign means more sales for less money.  Another advantage is that as your campaigns produce more profits you can increase the amount you spend on advertising.

Here are a few areas to look at and test when performing PPC optimization:

Ad Copy: This is the text that shows on the search results page. In general, it has a short headline and 2 lines of sub-text. Good ad text usually contains the keywords you’re targeting. If your ad text does not contain the keywords you’re targeting, this is a good place to start testing.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC): This is the amount that you pay when someone clicks on your ad. Basically, the more you pay the higher your ad will show in the search results. The challenge is to get your ad in the highest position for the least amount of money. This takes a lot of tweaking to get right, and it changes on a daily basis. If performed properly it will get you more clicks for less money.

Match Types: Changing your match types from “broad” to “exact” or “phrase” match types will immediately reduce the cost of your PPC campaigns. Why? By default, “broad” match types are selected and are targeted to bring clicks from any search results with your keywords in them. This will generate more traffic for your site. However, it won’t be targeted traffic, meaning low conversion rates from these clicks. “Broad” and “exact” match types are highly targeted and will convert higher for less money.

PPC Landing Page: Where are you sending your ad clicks to? Are they going directly to your home page? If so, change this immediately to go to a product page or a specific landing page. This will increase your conversion rates quickly.

Multiple Ad Groups: When setting up your PPC campaign be sure NOT to have just one campaign ad group running. Each campaign should have ad groups targeting specific keywords. This way the prospects experience with your advertising is consistent – from when they see your ad, to when they click through to your landing page.

In a pay-per-click campaign there are multiple moving parts and a failure on the part of just one component can doom your campaign.  On the positive side if you have been running a pay per click campaign but have not conducted any optimization testing, you have an opportunity to improve your return on investment.

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