New Wordpress Website Design Is A Piece Of Art

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We recently took on a Wordpress website design project to help out a local Atlanta artist that was a friend of a friend. Our typical website projects are for B2B and Manufacturing companies so it was nice to take a small break and work on a B2C art related project.

This project for Art by Elise was to do a complete website redesign with the capability to sell artwork online and feature an upcoming events/news feed. Here is the old verses new comparison.

artbyelise old new

The old website was outdated, confusing on the home page and did not allow for online purchases. The new site freshens up the site with modern elements, features the artist and her artwork together connect the art to the artist, includes an artwork slider to feature and scroll all available artwork and a news feed to promote upcoming showings.

artbyelise products

The old site did not feature a product page, rather you had to click on a category of artwork which then only opened up a light box to scroll through artwork in that category. The new design features all of the artwork on a single page allowing the visitor to easily view and compare. There is also a sort function that can be used to sort artwork based on popularity, newness and price.

artbyelise product page

Each piece of artwork has a feature page that displays an image of the artwork, an artist description, add to cart button and a tabbed section to feature additional details.

artbyelise cart

To enable online purchases we added the WooCommerce shopping cart and shipping functionality to calculate shipping costs based on location and the weight of the artwork.

Finally, the previous site was not mobile responsive, so in the update we made sure that the site would function equally well on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

If you are looking for an interesting piece of art be sure to check out Art by Elise.

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