New Subscribe Messaging Generates 133.33% More Visitors To Checkout Page

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We recently ran a conversion optimization multivariate test for, challenging current subscribe messaging against multiple subscribe text variations created by Surge Labs. The end result was a 133.33% increase in visitors clicking over to the checkout page.

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The Client is a membership-based, online resource that helps students with homework and studying.

The Business Objective

The main business objective of this project was to help get more visitors clicking to the checkout page from the teaser study guide pages.

The Challenges

The main challenge for this project was to effectively and efficiently communicate the benefits of the membership to prospects so they are encouraged to click to the checkout page.

The Hypothesis

We believed that testing multiple benefit oriented variations of the headline, text and button text, we could determine the best messaging to increase conversions.

The Test

We setup a multivariate test to test multiple variations of the subscribe messaging headline, body text and button text. The original subscribe messaging is shown below.

subscribe screen

eNotes Control Subscribe Messaging

subscribe control

Subscribe Messaging – Control

We tested the following text variations against each other in multiple combinations to find the highest performer:

Headline Variations

subscribe headlines

Body Text Variations


Button Text Variations


We tested 27 multiple variations against each other to find the winner.

The Results – 133.33% Increase in Visitors Going to the Checkout Page

After running the 27 variations against each other over a series of several days a winning combination became apparent (with 95% confidence level). The winning combination is shown below:

subscribe winner

eNotes Winning Subscribe Messaging Combination

Testing each and every element within your site is key to increasing the number of customers your site generates. This test shows how important it is to test different variations of every element on pages within your purchase funnel.

Because of this test now gets 133.33% more visitors going to their checkout page from their teaser study guide pages.

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