New PPC Landing Page Generates 73% More Customers

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techins logoWe recently ran a conversion optimization split URL test for, challenging a current PPC landing page design against a new PPC landing page designed by Surge Labs. The end result was a 73% increase in visitors signing up for their insurance service.


The Client is an online insurance provider that specializes in reselling insurance policies for the technical industry. Their entire business is generated from their website and each and every additional percentage in conversions increase their bottom line.

The Business Objective has a fairly large monthly spend on Google Adwords and other PPC providers, and was looking for a way to increase the ROI coming from their monthly spend. but was sending their paid traffic to the home page.

The Challenges

The online insurance provider industry is highly competitive and getting visitors to stay on a landing page and to move through their quote engine is difficult.

The Hypothesis

Because was currently sending their visitors to their home page and not to a landing page designed specifically for PPC traffic, we knew there was plenty of conversion opportunity. We felt that a PPC landing page would keep visitors focused on converting and not distracting them with all the other things offered on their website.

The Test

We created a new PPC landing page that was much cleaner and had only one main call-to-action – to get the visitor to go into the quote engine.

techins old ppclanding Old PPC Landing Page

To test the “old” verses “new” page we ran a  split URL test through Google Adwords. We split the traffic going to each of the pages.
techins new ppclanding New PPC Landing Page

The Results – 73% Increase in Signed Up New Customers

The new PPC landing page design generated 73% more customers that signed up for their insurance policies over the current PPC landing page design.

This is proof that a well designed PPC landing page will help keep visitors focused on the main call-to-action and won’t get them distracted by all the other items on a home page.

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