Email Optimization Helps President Obama Get Re-Elected

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Now that most of the 2012 presidential election dust has settled many have had a chance to review which political strategies worked and which did not. The Obama campaign did very well in the email department and achieved very effective results using email optimization.

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Businessweek – The Science Behind Those Obama Campaign E-Mails

Believe it or not, most of the Obama online fundraising came from emails, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. The email campaigns were made highly successful by A/B testing multiple variations of the headlines, the amounts asked to donate and everything else in the emails.

There are two items that stuck with me after I read the article:

1) Use a Casual Tone in the Subject Line – The most successful subject lines were ones that you may find in your inbox from friends and family. The subject line of “Hey” was the most successful one tested. So, keep your subject line casual and friendly, and stay away from hard-sell subject lines.

2) Test Everything – The analytics team tested everything in the emails from subject lines, giant fonts, links vs. buttons and even using curse words (which performed well). The team conducting the tests were constantly surprised by the results. The point is, test everything!

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