Conversion Rate Choke Points

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In our last point we briefly mentioned “Conversion Rate Choke Points” in the conversion process.  These points don’t have to be negative and you could instead make them “Acceleration Points”.

In order to get a better picture of our Choke Points/Acceleration Points lets break the entire process up into different components. (since our logo is a rocket we’ll put this in rocket launch terms)

  • The Count Down: This is the beginning step of engaging potential visitors and focuses on the initial message meant to turn a potential visitor into a visitor. This might be a banner ad, a PPC ad, an email, a social media post, a video, a blog, etc.
  • The Launch or Blast Off: At this point someone has clicked on your ad and arrived at a Landing Page. This might be a product or offer specific page, or it might be your product or service page on your site. For many businesses it may be their home page (if this is you call us immediately). The point of this page is to get the visitor to take a specific action.
  • Entering Space: The final step in the process is the “Value Exchange” which might be facilitated through an online form or shopping cart. Your visitor has acted on your “call to action” on the Landing Page and is now ready to make a purchase, sign up for a membership, download a white paper, etc. Unfortunately even at this point many people will abandon your shopping cart and not complete the conversion.

Conversion Friction

Each of these components presents a potential obstacle to your visitor completing a conversion or an opportunity to improve your conversion and profitability.

I stumbled onto a Seth Godin blog post the other day that primarily discussed landing pages but some of the points he made are applicable to websites, emails, and shopping carts, etc.

Seth said,

“If you build a landing page, and you’re going to invest time and money to get people to visit it, it makes sense to optimize that page.”


“Landing pages are not wandering generalities. They are specific, measurable offers. You can tell if they’re working or not. You can improve the metrics and make them work better.”

So if you spend time or money to drive traffic to a landing page that is designed to present an offer that leads to the visitor completing a conversion (purchase, sign up, download, etc.) then make sure that you are taking the steps to ensure that it has the least amount of friction possible. The least amount of friction, the higher your conversion rates.

The second point is that you can’t just put an ad or a landing page out there and walk away. You need to continuously measure and track what is happening and make appropriate changes.  Using AB and Multivariate testing you test out different elements to eliminate “choke points” and create “acceleration points”.

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