Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is Organic, And Non-Intrusive

At the end of the day every business is in the business of making money. To do this you have to close sales. To close sales you have to develop leads. To develop leads you have to first generate leads. To generate leads you have to capture the attention of prospects in your target market.

Content Marketing puts you in front of prospects at the best time possible …when they are researching for more information to address problems, issues and opportunities.

Content marketing is also an important component of an SEO campaign.  Our services are available only to clients we work with for SEO.

Three Key Benefits of B2B Content Marketing

Improve SEO

Search engines love fresh content. With Content Marketing you consistently publish new keyword rich content that is relevant to your target market, helping improve your digital footprint and keyword rankings.

Increase Traffic

One of the benefits of improved SEO is that higher keyword rankings drive more traffic. Your traffic is also increased by two additional components of content marketing: social media engagement and email marketing.

Generate Leads

With increased traffic to your site you are positioned to utilize more in-depth gated content (content that requires the visitor to complete a form to access) to capture leads that can then be nurtured over time.

Turn Visitors Into Qualified Sales Leads

A key concept of content marketing is to publish the right content for the right person at the right time. Regardless of what stage the prospect is in of the buyers journey, your marketing is relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive. When they arrive at your website you can make an appropriate offer to turn them from a visitor to a lead.


We place your Calls-to-Action that target each stage of the Buyers Journey throughout your site, on social media and in emails.


We build custom landing pages that describe each offer, and include a smart form to capture lead info.


Upon completing a form users gain access to the offer, receive an auto reply and are entered into your CRM.

Know What’s Working And What’s Not Working

See what content – blogs, emails and social media – is driving leads and sales.


Key metrics are those most important to achieving your goals and objectives and can be related to site traffic, pages and offers and more.


Keep track of how your various inbound content is affecting your website traffic, bounce rates and conversions paths.


Understanding the keywords that drive traffic to your site and lead to conversions helps you continue to optimize your site.


Track which blog posts are ranking for specific keywords, driving traffic, generating leads and producing conversions.


Tweets, retweets, posts, follows, likes …track all of your social media metrics and their impact on your site and marketing.


Keep tabs on how your email marketing is performing by tracking undeliverables, open rates, and click throughs.